Adam Schiff Announces Trump Impeachment Inquiry to start open hearing “Nov 13”

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Adam schiff officially announces the dates for hearing of Trump Impeachment as a part of democrats “Impeachment” inquiry against president Trump :

Yovanovitch worked as a U.S ambassador to Ukraine. State Department officials Taylor and Kent worked on Ukraine.

This week Adam Schiff releases a series of transcript from closed door confirmation given by former U.S envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, former state department adviser Michael McKinley, Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Ambassador Yovanovitch, who ll confirm next week.

The white house is fighting back to againsts the claims by Dems that written copy proves President Trump engagement in some kind of exchange with the Ukraine Government.

Today both transcripts shown that there is even less evidence for this unlawful impeachment sham than previously thought.  Ambassador Sondland  said that he do not know why or by whom this ad has been suspended. He also said”presumed” there was a link to the aid, but not clarify any source of this assumption.

No amount of distorted and media headlines, clearly designed to influence the narrative, change the fact that the president did nothing wrong, “White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.


One thought on “Adam Schiff Announces Trump Impeachment Inquiry to start open hearing “Nov 13”

  1. Why aren’t they going after the real criminals? Hillary and her gang this includes those good for nothing Dems? These are the people that need to be investigated and impeached. President Trump has done nothing wrong at all except help the American People. All House Dems know is try and remove our President so they can continue their wicked schemes. I FOR ONE VOTE TO HAVE ALL THESE GOOD FOR NOTHING DEMOCRATS REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND NOW!!!!!

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