Breakfast is very important

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It is a common scenario that most people feel tired and weak for a few hours after coming to the office, because by that time their blood sugar (blood sugar level) starts to decrease, which is what the lawyer has in mind. , Which they try every day. Their hand moves to the doorbell, which is already heard to serve, and immediately the cup of tea comes to them.
Increasing sugar intake by consuming sugary tea restores nature for a second time, but then after a while nature begins to decline again, now that sugar is again prone to decline. And the stream continues to run as one does.

If a visitor arrives at this time, they drink their own tea and drink it too, although the desire to drink more tea is more intense for the guest than the hostess.

The same is true of those working in factories and other establishments. These are the people who have not come to breakfast early in the morning, eating only “tea” cups and toas or papa, He proudly states, “We have not eaten anything for breakfast.” Breakfast in the morning is the cheapest of all day.
In the same way, women do not look for the right reasons to eat sweet tea due to lack of breakfast, so that the increase in sugar can lead to life in the affected body. Breastfeeding, but drinking black coffee or tea instead of breakfast. Which is bad, as it affects the mental capacity of the mind even more.
Tea, coffee, tobacco, and possibly alcoholism are mostly related to our blood sugar level.
Bad diets result from poor diet, and with each alcoholic, nature loses its craving for tea or coffee or smoked cigarettes. And are common in the factory. Alcohol can also cause blood loss in the movement of alcohol. Drinking tobacco, tea, coffee or alcohol increases the kidney’s glands (ADRENAL GLANDS), temporarily increases the levels of sugar and Restores, but in the pursuit of this increased sugar, insulin is also produced immediately, which causes the blood to start to decline again and the quality of supplements regains.

The cells that make up the body are derived from their essential nutrients from sugar, not from fat and nutrients (proteins). The proper amount of energy in the body, for the ability to express energy and to express thoughts. The level of sugar in the blood can be estimated by measuring the blood. The sugar in the mouth (ie, after not eating for 12 hours) should be 80 to 120 mg%.
The amount of sugar in this diet depends on the dietary content of the diet, the gelatin is consumed. When sugar is 70 mg, the appetite starts to feel hungry. If you have grams, there is a strong desire to have sweetness and there is anxiety in the intestines. How you feel all day depends on what you are eating at regular hours, especially what kind of breakfast you have. Are doing
When a man has been hungry for the last 12 to 14 hours, his body needs no more fuel than he needs for food. The drug can digest this diet very well at that time.
Due to dietary factors, when the blood is low and then low, the fatigue is increased to nausea. At that time there is headache, nausea, loss of walking, heart palpitations and nausea.
Sometimes the opposite is true and there is no power to stand up. The ability to listen is helpful, but also strong moods. Not only care, but road accidents are very frequent. Automobiles with low sugar are more likely to be accidents, as is the case with alcohol-impaired drivers, because of the emergency. The reaction of the two to deal with it is not immediate.

After an hour and a half of very modest breakfast, many of the office workers and their meetings can have abusive situations, which can result in mutual misconduct. ”Headache at 11am“ All developed There is a well-known complaint in the world that diabetes is caused by anemia. Sugar deficiency can lead to numbness, nervous pressure, anxiety, depression and heartburn.
It is also directly related to traumatic sugar regressions. Bitter violence in the community also increases the divorce rate. It is not far from having mutual motives, riots, killings, and suicides. It might be strong that these people can’t do crazy things. They are ready to die. Only a few tricks are required.
Misconduct is commonplace in the status of homosexuality.
It is still a mystery why heart attacks often occur within a few hours of waking up in the morning? Is it not possible to be asleep? The veins of people who do not have breakfast often become easier. , Which eventually lead to cardiovascular disease and stroke. It is known that adhesion to the blood plates (PLATELETS) increases dramatically in the morning, but after eating, the cause is reduced. Comes

Leaflets are more likely to form in the breakfast, or those who are hungry for longer. Often accidents in large factories occur in those who do not eat breakfast or before lunch. Diseases (especially viruses) can easily fall prey to the disease. Those suffering from frequent colds may improve their eating habits if they pay attention to their dietary habits. There is also a reason for nutrition.


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