Cholesterol – The importance and disadvantages

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Everything in the human body has to be proportionate. If this balance is broken, then we have some disease. It also includes cholesterol. Apart from this, it is also related to blood pressure and indirectly to diabetes. People who have high cholesterol or lack of blood sugar control may have higher risk of developing heart disease.

Pakistan has a high prevalence of seafood in India, so according to World Health Organization data, 37% of men and 40% of women have high cholesterol.
26 million people suffer from death due to lacerol and 29 million people become disabled.

If men over 40 reduce their cholesterol levels by 10%, their disease rate may decrease by 5%, the company says.

Cholesterol is a type of fat, which is found in animals. Our liver produces it in the form of fluids. We also get it from animal sources, such as eggs, meat and milk.
In contrast, it is not found in vegetables, fruits and cereals.
It helps in the production of hormones and hormones and is responsible for the cell cycle.
In fact, there is a type of cholesterol fat (LIPDS). Such fats are found in our whole body. The fat is made up of lipids (lipoproteins).
There are two types of fatty acids. The first type is HDL (HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN), called good cholesterol.
Another type of LDL (LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN) is called bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is a third or fourth of the body, which pulls bad cholesterol from the whole body into the liver, From where it is expelled from the body.
LDL is a bad lasatrol, but it is still important to the body, because it contains hormones, but if its volume increases to a certain extent in the body, it gets accumulated in the arteries is.

Narrowing of the arteries affects the flow of blood. If the arteries leading to the heart (coronary arteries) are affected, then the heart attack becomes alarmed.
In the same way, if the blood vessels in the brain become tight, the person may suffer from stroke.
If the cholesterol starts to rise, no symptoms appear on the body, however, they become blurred around the eyes and on the elbows.

A blood sample is taken and inspected in the laboratory. If it is to get a good result, nothing should be eaten for eight hours before taking a blood sample.

Under cholesterol can be divided into three groups: the first group in which the family does not have heart disease, diabetes, liver or hypertensive diseases. They are not more than 50 years old. ۔

They have no fat and do not smoke tobacco. These people should have less than 200 cholesterol. The other group is those who have never had an attack, but they are dangerous people mentioned above. , Their cholesterol should be less than 160. The third group includes people who have had some of the above mentioned diseases, their cholesterol should be less than 130.

People who have had an attack and have diabetes should have up to 70 cholesterol.
One of the main reasons for the increase in cholesterol is fatty foods. An American organization says we should not eat more than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. 30% of our total calories comes from fat. Also saturated fat (SATURATED FAT) should be less than 10%.

In addition to tobacco, smoking, lack of exercise and mental distress also increase cholesterol so avoid them.
As far as young people are concerned, they are extremely limited. Now they play only video games, in which only their fingers move. The result is that they have heart disease and stroke. The fear is greater than the older generation.
One expert says that we should be walking or jogging for 5 to 30 minutes a week, plus proper and light workouts are appropriate. Likewise, women should also be encouraged to get rid of fat. They have the prevalence of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, due to obesity. Men or women, they should control their weight.
For people whose blood pressure is normal, only one egg is enough to get them cholesterol.
If it is proven that your cholesterol is high, egg yolk should not be eaten. If you eat a low-fat diet and exercise regularly, good cholesterol will increase and bad cholesterol will decrease. And eating almonds two to three times a week is not harmful, as they contain good grease which increases good cholesterol.


Avoid ghee, beef, grease, legumes, butter and cheese to control cholesterol. Olive oil, fish oil and dried fruits can be eaten in small quantities. Eat as much vegetables, fruits and pulses as possible. , They can help you lose weight. You can also lose weight by eating salads.
Start the meal with a salad. When the stomach is full of it, then eat it.

Eat more of the fats in the diet, its cholesterol wraps out.

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