Exercise protects against Cancer

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A hundred years ago, human beings used to do a lot of physical labor. In this context, specialists consider physical exercise and exercise to be very important.

Now a panel of experts has said that exercise prevents cancer and cancer patients are equally beneficial for both, but cancer patients should exercise in the advice of their doctor.


Pennsylvania State University professor Catherine Shams says half-hour aerobic exercises should be done three times a week, while also exercising strength exercises two to three times a week. This process can be very effective in preventing cancer.

Earlier, cardiologists have described exercise and walking as the best medicine for the heart. According to Dr. Katherine, doctors treating cancer must write a ‘prescription’ of exercise for their patients. Exercise increases the effectiveness of the treatment even during cancer treatment.

Experts have presented three articles on their research, in which regular exercise can prevent bladder, breast, esophageal, kidney, gastric and urinary tract cancers. In addition, if cancer patients exercise, it can extend their life for many years, reduce the side effects of the drug and reduce the inconvenience.

However, rates of exercise may also vary in different patients. Nonetheless, experts insist that exercise is a medicine and should be used regularly as medicine.


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