Girls Dry Skin Problems and solution

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Essential fatty acids are very important in providing healthy and healthy skin with dry skin.
Vitamins & Skin Care Products
Vitamin A
It is also known as retinol. It is also abused in caddis and flatfish. The upper layer of skin has been found to be very effective in maintaining and keeping it healthy.

Vitamin A is also very useful for our eyesight.
Vitamin E
It is found in large quantities in vegetable oils (corn oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil), green vegetables (bananas and large beans, peas grains, leafy cabbage) etc. It is found in eggs, margarine and Butter can also be obtained.

It burns the skin and keeps the skin smooth.

Essential Fatty Acids:

This is essential for your skin and can be obtained through nutrients it is also known as (Essential Fatty E, F, A Acid).
Vegetable oils (such as’ peanuts and olive oil ‘) combine with other vitamins’ A’ and D ‘, and play an important role in the formation of skin cells.
Essential fatty acids are important in providing dry skin with a healthy and natural look.
Homemade prescriptions for dry skin:
Homemade products are very effective for dry skin because they are readily available and the ingredients used. They are also ‘readily available’ in the market for skin protection. There are products out there that perform better than them.
You should try them out. You will begin to notice a clear difference soon. The manuscripts are being given below.
Dry skin mask
Finely chop the carrots or squeeze it. Mix one egg yolk and one teaspoon of cottage cheese. Now add a few drops of Vitamins A and E into it and then after 20 minutes, wash the face and finally the toner. Apply.
The facial skin will feel soft and refreshed.
Mask for dry and sensitive skin
Boil three Tea Bags of Chemo Mile Tea and 1 teaspoon of sage (a sage ‘Italian herb mixed with aroma for food) in water. Add a few drops of Vitamin A and E and then refrigerate it. Apply moisturizer to the face before applying the mask.
After that, let the mask stay on for 20 minutes. Then clean the face with the help of a toner.
You will notice that the face is refreshed.
Aroma of linseed seeds
Take one teaspoon of linseed seeds and add a glass of water to it and cook till it thickens. After cooling, apply the first moisturizer on the face. Then apply this thick mixer on the face for 20 minutes. Then clean with the help of a toner.
This makes the dry skin transparent ‘flexible’ smooth and bright. To apply this mask, however, you need to get someone’s help. So, before wearing this mask, have your assistant ready.
A mask of avocado
Half EVA Duca Wrap – a teaspoon of fresh cream and 2 teaspoons of china clay, mix them all thoroughly and apply on clean skin and allow to remain for 10 minutes.
Then after washing the face with cold milk, then wash the face with water and dry the face by tapping. This will give your dry skin a lot of moisture and moisturizing process will be inside the skin and also the skin will be fresh. Will remain
Women who suffer from dry skin in cold weather must try their homemade prescriptions not shy away from the side effects of chemicals available in the market. Protect your skin from them and adopt a low-cost domestic cosmetic prescription and lower cost. Give your skin a charming pillow of beauty while giving the look of reality.

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