Hillary Clintion use pressure on Democrats to select a Candidate that can Win Electoral College

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On Monday, Hillary Clinton pressures Democrats to select a politician that can win the Electoral College in 2020 Elections.

Hillary Clinton urged the Democrats on Monday to choose a candidate who could win the electoral college in 2020.

“We must hope that whoever is nominated can win the Electoral College,” she said in a discussion on her book “The Book of Brave Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resistance” in Denver.

“I think many of our candidates could win the popular vote, but as I know … it’s not enough,” added the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.


“I don’t think we have another option; we have to win” in 2020, she said, speaking with his daughter and co-author Chelsea Clinton at an event with tickets sold out.
She invited a supportive crowd of almost 2,000 to “work hard for their preference in elementary school” but “be close to whoever is named”.


Hillary !  “Don’t let anyone you know vote as a third party,”

Without using the name of President Donald Trump, Hillary warned that this administration will leave damages that “are going to repair some work”.

“What we have is the government not by principle, but by tweets and is undermining who we are,” she said.

He cited Trump’s interaction with Ukraine and the decision to withdraw troops in Syria, saying there was no plan to “not abandon the Kurds”.

“We should strive to be a more perfect union,” Clinton said.

“We had, I believe, a very important quality that is now being undermined and destroyed by the current administration,” he continued. “The current president has an affinity with dictators.”

The former secretary of state warned that there will be human and financial consequences after the Trump administration in the areas of public health, climate change and world reputation.



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