Hostile to Trump Vets Group Confronts Crenshaw About His Missing ‘Fortitude.’ He Stays Impressively Calm

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Members of Common Defense, an anti-Donald Trump veterans group that supports impeachment, ambushed Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on Capitol Hill this week, badgering him about how he could let President Trump “run roughshod” on democracy and drag the U.S. into more wars.

One of the men, who did all the talking, repeatedly referred to Trump as a “criminal” and demanded to know why Crenshaw was being “complicit” in his agenda.

“How can you just sit there idly by and not do your duty?” the activist demanded of Crenshaw. “You cannot be complicit in this man’s crimes.”

In his pursuit, the veteran also pressed Crenshaw over whether he’d bother to read the Robert Mueller report, which he says has several impeachable offenses in it.


“You need to get your courage back,” he yelled at Crenshaw.

Amazingly, the freshman congressman kept his cool.

“Hid” in an elevator? I don’t think so. One of Trump’s “cronies?” Please.

As you can see in the video, Crenshaw keeps his cool, tells the men to calm down, walks on to an elevator and, as politely as he could, asks the men to leave because it was a Members Only elevator.

“You haven’t made one actual point,” Crenshaw eventually told them, accurately.

Some people, including some politicians, commended the congressman for keeping his head.


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