How to Control Hypertension By Yoga Exercises

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The most dependent on human health is the return of the body from healthy and oxygen-rich blood to the heart and withdrawal from the body, which is carbon dioxide, to the heart. The veins leading to a single stem are called the artery. The veins that carry the clean blood back to the heart are called veins.

Nature has created a system where oxygen-rich blood transmits oxygen to one part of the body and from there the blood filled with carbon dioxide returns to the heart. The oxygen is obtained by breathing into the lungs. – The blood system transports carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs through the body. Breathing provides fresh oxygen to the body and exhaling carbon dioxide from the breath.

The heart compresses and spreads under the body’s system of blood flow. The contraction of the heart is called systole and dilatation is called diastole. The term for this process is blood pressure.
Blood pressure is actually the pressure on the blood vessels from a heartbeat. Blood vessels, i.e arteries and arteries, can be hardened for some reason or cause tightening of the heart to provide blood.

In simple words, it is called hypertension to increase the blood supply to the heart. This process not only weakens the heart but also has severe harmful effects on other organs, especially the brain and kidneys. In cases where the blood vessels are too thin, the pressure may increase and the crack may fall on them.

Blood pressure, i.e heart rate and heart rate, will decrease if the blood pressure is lower than the normal speed.
Low Blood Pressure and Increased Physical Speed ​​It is called High Blood Pressure. There are different levels of blood pressure in one chart.

What can happen to high blood pressure:

High blood pressure can pose many risks to human health.
Hypertension can lead to paralysis. Heart diseases, even a heart attack, can lead to kidney failure

Causes of hypertension:
1. Unnatural rigidity or tightness in blood vessels.
2. Cholesterol abuse.
3. Obesity.
4. Abuse of adrenaline and cortisol in the blood. It should be noted that adrenaline is rapidly released due to nerve pressure. Therefore, severe nerve pressure, stress, severe anger etc. can cause an immediate increase in blood pressure.
5. Diabetes
6– Impaired kidney function or impairment
7– Lifestyle, no physical exertion, excessive smoking or second-hand spiking, excessive drinking.
8. Pregnant blood pressure increases during pregnancy in some women. The final figures are not available, but it is estimated that more than 20% of men and women in Pakistan may have symptoms of hypertension.

People are aware that they have hypertension, most of them do not take regular tests and treatments. Blood pressure patients can easily control their blood pressure by changing their lifestyle. Change in means the desired changes in diet, regular physical exercise and proportional changes in sleep and waking times.
Yoga will be a very useful exercise for controlling blood pressure.

The relaxation and tension of yoga through meditation:

The human body is comprised of Bones and Muscles. The body’s flexibility in the muscles and joints of the body starts to decline if the body is not constantly stimulated.
Exercise and hardness can sometimes lead to excessive blood fats and insulin resistance in the body. These causes can cause complaints such as weight gain, joint pain, liver function impairment, hypertension and diabetes.
Five thousand years ago, experts had been exposed to the fact that if a part of the body is first relaxed and then stressed, then the body becomes naturally resilient.

This flexibility gradually reduces the stiffness of the body’s arteries and veins. The irregular substances contained there begin to erode. This process of relaxation and stress causes the various glands in our body to become active. Harmony balances the birth of mons. Not only does it improve our health, but the proper birth of hormones also protects us from premature aging.

There are several types of yoga. Each type has several levels. Each level has separate exercises. A type of yoga is called Hatha Yoga۔. Hatha Yoga style sitting is something. It is structured so that every style of sitting has an effect on some part of the body through its relaxation and tension formula. This part not only makes the body flexible but also makes it healthy.
In Hatha Yoga, separate sitting positions are arranged for various diseases, for example if a kidney patient is advised to adopt a Dobra style seat. If there is a blood pressure patient, she is instructed to do so. If anyone is feeling weak in a marital relationship, then it is said that she has posture.
There are separate approaches to addressing every medical problem. Overview Bob deals with blood pressure. For this, we are offering a shave posture.

One thing to remember on this occasion is that for those who have high blood pressure, it is important to consult a qualified physician first. Do yoga along with medicines and dietary advice at the doctor’s advice.
If practiced properly by a specialist yoga practitioner, you will notice a significant improvement not only in months but also weeks.

yogic posture:


When you come home tired in the evening, lie on a board or floor so that your heels are aligned and your toes open while your hands are facing towards the sky. Close your eyes and focus on the toes of your right foot. Do this and imagine that the tension of the right foot is slowly eroding and the thumb is relaxed.

Now there is no pressure left in the thumb. Imagine eliminating the tension in the thumb after you have finished figuring out the tension in the thumb. Imagine eliminating the stress of all the fingers. Imagine that the tension on the entire foot, to the heel, is gone.

Now focus on the right foot and imagine starting with the thumb and ending the tension in that order.
Then imagine that the tension to the right ankle is over, as well as to the other foot, the left ankle tension.
Now imagine the hip leg tension to the right. Imagine eliminating the tension on the left leg hip. Then imagine eliminating the tension in the abdomen and chest. Imagine finishing in the same order.

Then imagine eliminating the tension of the neck, different parts of the face, such as the cheeks, lips, nose, ears and eyes. Imagine ending the stress of the mind at the end. Repeat these phrases.
“There is no pressure on my mind anymore. My mind is relaxed and calm.”
In this way, they will remain as long as they want.

This conceptual exercise can be done by young, middle-aged, older men and women. This exercise can be done by healthy people and people with any disease. This exercise has the same benefits for everyone. Very useful. This conceptual exercise also helps to normalize blood pressure. The duration of the exercise is at least fifteen minutes. It can be done for fifteen minutes to half an hour or more.

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