How to Enhance Memory?

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Memory increases with increasing age. In addition, there are other factors that continue to negatively affect memory, such as lack of sleep, stress, depression, depression, health. Lack of nutritious nutrients, especially vitamin B deficiency, deficiency or overindulgence in the function of thyroid gland, smoking or eating certain medications, etc.


Factoria (DEMENTIA), nausea (Alzheimer’s), and other symptoms can also lead to memory loss. Below are some homemade prescriptions that you can improve your memory by:
Rosemary, which is a fragrant plant on the day, eliminates the free radicals of the brain, while black basil combines the brain lesions that are caused by a loss of blood flow to the brain.


Every day I reduce my mental fatigue and anxiety. Daily oil can be massaged with myrrh or black basil oil. Its aroma can also be used to increase mental capacity.
Another way to increase mental capacity is to grind these four nuts with sweetness, namely, 3 grams of nuts, 3 grams of pumpkin, 3 grams of watermelon, 3 grams of sweetness and 5 grams of almonds.
Then, if one tablespoon of their saffron is consumed with milk daily, the mental capacity will increase and the memory will increase.

Pepper contains a compound called “PIPERINE”. It boosts brainstorming and enhances cognition. You can mix and grind it with stews (lavender), seed cushions (peppermint) and pepper. And eat half a tablespoon a day.
This not only relieves mental fatigue, but also reduces headaches.

Cinnamon contains ingredients that reduce Nissan’s disease.
Onion is an excellent diet to enhance memory, which also has antioxidants (ANTIOXIDANTS).
Chandra is a vegetable that not only increases blood in the body, but also produces blood flow to the brain.
This vegetable keeps the mind sharp and helps to concentrate.

Always eat apples with a rash, because the rash contains high amounts of contraceptive ingredients, which are able to overcome the complaints that arise in the early stages of the disease. The apple enhances the brain’s ability to control the brain. Keeps you healthy and speeds up memory.


Exercising like walking or cycling under the ban can eliminate fungal diseases. These exercises also facilitate blood flow to the brain cells.
Glucose is the primary fuel for the brain. If you succumb to it, you will lose the memory for a short period of time. Therefore, to get the proper amount of glucose, unleavened bread, vegetables, fruits. And eat fiber.

Avoid white starch foods. Do not eat greasy foods, however, use vegetable oils in foods, such as olive oil or seed oil. These oils do not contain cholesterol in the arteries.

Bakery products, such as pastries, cakes and biscuits, contain frozen grease, which clings to veins and arteries, causing oxygen to reach all parts of the body. Avoid these products.

Vitamins B6 (Vitamin B6) in bananas is abundant, which is useful to the brain. Other vitamins, such as B12, niacin (THIAMIN) and thiamin (THIAMIN) restore brain energy. Eat unleavened bread, which will give you the above-mentioned vitality. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin glowing.

Drinking less water can make you tired. Drinking more water strengthens your appetite, improves mental functioning, increases power decision making and increases concentration. When you drink more water Toxins are excreted from your body. Glucose and fructose are found in honey. In addition to potassium, heparin B, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and antioxidants are also found in honey. ۔

Honey’s fruit sugar acts as a fuel for the brain. It keeps it from exhaustion and keeps you motivated. Take up exercises that will relieve your stress, as your mental retardation can. As the pressure hormone increases, it destroys the part of the brain where memory is treasured.

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