I do not know the identity of Whistleblower ! Adam Schiff

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Jim Jordan called out ‘Liddle’ Adam Schiff for lying about not knowing the identity of the Whistleblower.

2 thoughts on “I do not know the identity of Whistleblower ! Adam Schiff

  1. This is such a shit show! It’s absolutely convenient timing with only 11 or so months till the election. The Democratic Cult has done and said any and everything to bash Americas President. They have had people killed who have went against them. And now this🤦🏼‍♀️. We, The Deplorables, the American people who voted for change , seen this coming. For them to not name the “Whistle Blower” is ridiculous! What happened to those who are accused of a crime being able to face their accuser ?

  2. Fight on! Me and Ann Coulter were the only ones beside you and your love ones that knew you were going to win! From the moment you came down on that escalator I said you would win! Won 200,00 I will that money because I said it was fake polls! I was out there and the lines were high like I have never seen b4 and knew it was because of you !and yes u won! I did go to your rally 2 days b4 u became President and it was so Inspiring and positive!!! God Bless you and the whole First Family!

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