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Jesse Watters on Fox News The Five:

So now we have this breaking news about little out of Schiff or Shifty Schift or Pencil Neck, whatever the president wants to call him. He has his fingerprints all over this whistleblower story. So, a member of his team contacted the Whistleblower before the guy made his complaint. He directed the Whistleblower to make the complaint. Then he directed the Whistleblower to go get a lawyer and the lawyer happened to be a Clinton lawyer and the lawyer helped him write the complaint and then he hides the fact that he had a contact with the Whistleblower from the rest of the House Intelligence Committee.

He goes on television, on MSNBC and says I have not had any contact with the Whistleblower and then he goes on the house hearing and he says… Makes up a fabricated quote about the President of United States. This Scandal is over. There’s no crime. There’s no cover-up. They’ve created this Scandal out of thin air and now they’re panicking because it’s all falling apart.

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