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A judge has ruled a CA law requiring presidential candidate to present their tax returns unconstitutional.

From Huff Post


A federal judge permanently blocked a California law on Tuesday that requires presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns before appearing on the state’s election ballot.

U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr.’s ruling helps President Donald Trump, who has so far refused to turn over his tax returns. California initially passed the law with the hope of getting the president to release his tax returns so that he would appear on the state’s primary ballot.

“The Court appreciates the State’s desire for transparency in the political process. Requiring candidates to disclose tax returns could shed light on sources of income, potential conflicts of interest, and charitable tendencies,” England wrote in the ruling, which declared the law unconstitutional.

“It is not the job of the courts, however, to decide whether a tax return disclosure requirement is good policy or makes political sense,” England continued. “Those are questions delegated to the political branches of the federal government, that is Congress and the President, under Articles I and II of the United States Constitution.”

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