Justin Haskins: Warren’s health plan would be a overwhelming and would harm all Americans

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Elizabeth Warren, Presidential Candidate of Democrats has plans for almost everything. She is right in her thoughts but her plans are much expensive. Recently, she discuss about her plan “Medicare for all” but the plan is dangerous, nightmare and fantasy based.

If you want to destroy United States health system, dispossess choice of Americans and timely access to Health care, cause additional deaths, create a massive government health administration and launch around 2 unemployed Millions of American workers in Health sector- well you are lucky, because Warren has a plan for it.

Despite what she said, her plans almost include huge tax increases, huge new government laws that kill jobs and a soup of letters from new government and the biggest ones to bring United States closer to philosophy of Bankrupt socialism.

In all the socialist policies and the fundamental distribution schemes that Warren has approved. Even with many Democrats calling for the president,s complaint after her “Medicare for all” worst proposal.

Last Friday, Warren begun her health care plan. Like the ” Medicare for all” plan of the self proclaimed socialist  Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont,  the Warren plan would have destroy the private health insurance sector.

According to the system proposed by Warren, there would be no facilities like premium, co-financing or allowable for tax deductions for health insurance. The feds will pay the bill for the vast majority of health care unit.

The total cost? A huge budget blast nearby $ 52 billion in the first 10 years according to the Warren campaign, more than double the current national debt. And since the cost estimate comes from Warren, it’s a safe bet to assume that the actual cost of implementing Warren Care would be significantly higher.

Warren’s proposal would be disastrous for a long list of reasons. Its regulations would stifle innovation. Ultimately, it would put the federal government, rather than patients and doctors, in control of health care decisions. And it would make an already dysfunctional and bureaucratic system even more dysfunctional and bureaucratic.

Thanks to Elizabeth Warren:

The Wall Street Journal reports that independent estimates predict that 2 million people could lose their jobs under Warren’s plan to ban the private health insurance sector. Think of that statistic: the incredible 2 million men and women who work hard to support their families, pay their mortgages and save to send their children to college to lose their jobs.

Showing a extraordinary lack to the conditions of people whose jobs she wants to destroy, Warren said Friday: “Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of the insurance: in life insurance, in car insurance, auto insurance, some will work for Medicaid “.

How would you feel about that carefree refusal of your worries about having a job if you were one of the people that Warren understands, in fact: “You’re fired!”

But the biggest problem with Warren Care is how you plan to pay it. The senator is committed to providing medical assistance to everyone in the United States, including millions of people currently in the country illegally, without raising new taxes for the middle class. How exactly does Warren think this can be done?

First, Warren proposes billions of dollars in new real estate taxes and corporate taxes, the largest of which is nearly $ 9 billion in new payroll taxes for employers, intended to replace their current health care costs. So instead of asking employers to pay high quality private health insurance plans, they would send that money to the federal government.

Second, much of the money that states currently spend on medical care, including Medicaid spending, would be channeled into federal funds.

Thirdly, and above all, Warren would cut billions of dollars in total healthcare costs during the initial 10-year period, a measure that would cause intense rationing and longer waiting times for medical care.

Warren’s proposal depends on reducing the payment rates of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers so that they receive, on average, 110 percent of the current Medicare payment rate, which now only pays suppliers 90 cents for each dollar spent on Medicare patients.

This would be a huge pay cut for doctors and hospitals. Now they earn much more when they care for patients with private health insurance: around $ 1.40 for every dollar spent on care. According to Warren’s own estimates, suppliers would have received billions of dollars less in the first 10 years of their plan following these salary cuts.

Moreover, Warren’s proposal would give the federal government the power to use “political tools” such as “global budgets, population-based budgets and automatic rate reductions” to establish that total health spending is linked to gross domestic product growth. This would significantly reduce healthcare spending over the next two decades, a time when the US population will age and more health services will be needed more than ever.

Putting less money into the hands of doctors, hospitals and other health workers means they will have less to spend on expanding services, rebuilding old structures, buying new medical equipment like MRI machines and investing in new innovative technologies.

This also means that there will be fewer suppliers to treat patients, which will force people to wait weeks and, in some cases, months longer than they do now to see specialists.

This problem would be further aggravated by the fact that Warren’s proposal would do nothing to substantially increase the number of health workers available, while widening access to services for tens of millions of people.


These problems are not theoretical. In countries like Canada, where the government effectively manages the health sector, patients wait much longer to see specialists than in most of the United States.

The Fraser Institute, based in Canada, reports that the average Canadian patient waits about five months from the time he sees a general practitioner until he receives the treatment. This is more than twice the expectations that Canadian patients had in 1993. In parts of Canada, patients wait months longer to receive treatment.

The bottom line is that if Elizabeth Warren makes her way, Americans will surely suffer because there will be fewer quality health services available to them. In some cases, people who would otherwise have been able to get the attention they needed will die.

The current health care system is undoubtedly flawed and requires major reforms, but significantly reduces health care providers and services and puts the federal government, which cannot even properly administer existing agencies, which only takes care of all medical care Things a lot worse.









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