Make The Baby Not Fat But Healthy

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We have women who feed their babies to be healthy and fat, and sometimes feed excessively over time. This dietary routine causes obesity in children and childhood obesity in adults. Often in adolescence the prognosis of acute illness becomes.

Parents should pay close attention to their children’s balanced diet from the very beginning.
Try to feed them fruits and vegetables from an early age so they can become accustomed to eating them. Some experts believe that the first one year does not have to be worrying about the baby’s weight and it is important to understand There is a big difference between a fatty and healthy baby and a slightly older fat kid or an obese teen.

Experts also say that if the effects of obesity are apparent in a child by the age of four and the weight of the child is more than his height, he may be referred to a physician.

Do not make it addictive to healthy foods or junk foods just for the child’s liking. This behavior causes complications. Give them balanced and energetic diets for proper child development. According to one research, childhood obesity One of the main reasons is that some children do not exercise and even run away. It is not enough to instruct the children to exercise, but parents should exercise the children with themselves.

Research has shown that most obese children are abusive. They pull out nails in everything and feel inferior to themselves, so parents should not only focus on the baby’s overweight, but also on their baby’s
Focus on healthy development and keep communicating with your child about their problems so they have a sense that they are trying to understand and solve their problems.

Fruits, vegetables, and milk are essential for the development of the body and the brain. Fish, poultry, meat, reduce iron deficiency.
Have children get proper breakfast and send them to school so that children do not spoil their stomachs by eating market things. Change the diet of the children so that they can get all kinds of vitamins. Get into the habit of drinking and changing foods so that they can eat everything and don’t say that they don’t like it.

To entice the children to eat, put them in beautiful plates and utensils. This way the children will be hungry and they will grow up with a healthy body. Do not allow the children to watch TV while eating. They will not be able to eat comfortably and comfortably. Pour pulses, porridge, red meat, fish, eggs, chicken. With this diet, children will be able to normalize iron, vitamins, protein and potassium and improve their body health. Will also come into existence.

Cold drinks are harmful to children’s health. Potato fried products are dangerous health.
After six months or so, the baby begins to consume food. Give small quantities of seasonally appropriate food to the baby that is digested. Otherwise, the baby does not like hot foods with a sharp aroma. Will have detrimental effects on her health.

Put a small amount of food into the baby’s mouth so that he or she can easily slip into the throat. A period of three months to eight months is critical for the baby. There is a risk of developing diarrhea.
Not good for
It is important for every woman to have information about a vitamin-rich diet for the mental development of her children. Schooling children are in dire need of nutrition.
During the period of four to eight years, the growth rate of babies is rapid and therefore the nutrition of the children of this age is very important. Children at this age, usually focus more on fast food junk food.

Zinc food is not good for the health of the children, thus increasing the responsibility of the mother. She should feed the children’s favorite food and make a diet that contains high amounts of vitamins and protein.
The foods that mothers choose for their babies from the beginning will improve the health of their children and their eating habits in the future, as well as improve their mental development.

Various dishes of spinach and other vegetables can be fed to children. They contain high amounts of vitamins and steel.
Their use will solve the problem of red blood cell deficiency. Keep feeding children milk, yogurt and its products as it contains high amounts of calcium which is essential for the health of the bones of children.
Experts say that children are accustomed to having breakfast.

Children who do not have breakfast have been found to lack vitamin B, so give vegetables in breakfast. Get used to the exercise from the beginning to the baby, drink water well, give lunch box and water bottle while going to school. After a lot of hard work, hunger grows and hikers are needed. Keep more items.

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