Obesity is the Reason to increase in Pancreatic Cancer

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A recent global study has revealed that the number of pancreatic cancer patients worldwide is abnormally increasing, which is the main cause of rapidly increasing obesity in people.

This report is published in the latest issue of the medical research journal “The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology,” which collects data from 195 countries covering twenty-seven years from 1990 to 2017. ۔

In this study, where there was a 10% increase in deaths from colon (colon) and pancreatic cancer, it was also found that the number of patients with pancreatic cancer also increased during the same period of 27 years. Has increased from 195,000 to 448,000, representing a 130% increase.
“Even if the population growth is kept in the meantime, the real increase in the number of people with pancreatic cancer is 12%, while the mortality rate has definitely increased by 10%,” Dr Raza Malikzada, who is the director of the Institute for Diseases in Iran, Tehran, Iran, and the central author of the study.

They revealed that the highest percentage of both those with and without pancreatic cancer were from high-income countries. “Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers in the world, with 95% of those infected going to death within 5 years,” Dr Raza warns.

On the other hand, the prevalence of colon cancer has increased but the number of deaths (compared to pancreatic cancer) is very low.

According to Dr. Wasif Saif, a Pakistani-born director of the Northwestern Health Cancer Institute, Lake Sussex, New York, most patients with pancreatitis and colon cancer were already suffering from obesity and diabetes. This relationship is so significant that obesity can be considered one of the leading causes of pancreatic cancer.

The alarming thing about this is that pancreatic cancer does not cause obvious symptoms in its early stages, so it can be diagnosed too late, leading to a high mortality rate. But if “the governments of all countries make a serious effort to raise awareness to their people that they should stop smoking, use healthy foods and make positive changes in their lifestyle, gastrointestinal and intestinal messengers (Including cancer), it would be much better.

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