Pelosi mistakes that cost the Democrats in 2020 Elections; Liz Peek

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It is an article of faith among political analysts that the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is a great strategist and indeed her career is full of significant results. More recently, however, she has committed two serious errors that could cost the Democrats the 2020 elections.


The first was to commission Adam Schiff to deal with the investigation of the political process. The second does not control the so-called team, nor the four first-year democratic women whose extreme progressive voices have helped push the Democratic party to the left, alienating much of the country.

The other day, Pelosi warned at a meeting with Bloomberg that the policies adopted by extreme leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren could prevent the Democrats from regaining the White House in 2020.

She stressed precisely that Democrats must conquer changing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania to recover the White House and that voters in those states disagree with super-liberal policies like the green New Deal and “Medicare for all” . ”

“Remember November,” she said. “You must win the electoral college.”


Moderate Democrats might suggest that Pelosi did not help the cause. Unfortunately, she underestimated the influence of the beloved social networks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley (also known as the team), initially rejected them and denied their policies.

Instead of courting newcomers and trying to modulate their voices, Pelosi started a dispute that only improved his followers and divisions within the party. In the end, AOC accused Pelosi of “distinguishing” democratic women of color, whom he considered “disrespectful”. Imagine: a newly arrived Democrat who calls Nancy Pelosi.

The team has helped increase enthusiasm for extreme policies like the New Deal Green, raised millions of dollars for left-wing causes and threatened the “primary” democrats who do not consider themselves to be fairly progressive. In particular, they encouraged younger voters and recently entered the 2020 race by supporting Bernie Sanders. Bill Maher felt that the plug for Sanders could allow Elizabeth Warren to move in the middle; This is an illusion. In any case, she encourages Warren to continue his progressive agenda, trusting that when Bernie returns, his followers will come to her. Warren appears to be the preferred candidate; his determined left-wing politics is shaking moderate democrats, including Pelosi.


After opposing a full vote in the Chamber authorizing the investigation, Pelosi eventually succumbed to the public protest that called for transparency and held a vote last week.

But it is not only liberal policies that threaten the possibilities of democrats in the face of 2020. These states of demolition do not favor dismissal. A New York Times / Siena poll in mid-October found that in the battlefield states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona, 53 percent of voters did not approve of the firing and firing of the president, while only 43% approve.


This is good news for the president, especially if the voters of those states are bothered by the political process, as he would do with the chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives, Adam Schiff, opposite. Nancy Pelosi chose one of the most controversial figures in the House when she chose Schiff to oversee political trial investigations, essentially bypassing any effort to make the investigation similar to a bipartisan or non-political effort.


Normally, the judicial committee supervises a political process investigation. It is true that, having seen Jerry Nadler, at the head of that committee, make a complete summary of the recent hearings on the Mueller report, Pelosi was in a difficult situation.


Even so, Schiff is toxic and she knew it. Schiff’s aggressive and dishonest position in Russiagate’s investigations earned him the enmity of the Republicans. On several occasions, Schiff claimed to have “evidence” of Trump’s guilt, but then failed. Even after Special Adviser Robert Mueller delivered his report, claiming he had found no evidence that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia, Schiff stubbornly insisted in an interview: “There is definitely collusion … ”


After the Mueller report was published, Intel Committee Republicans asked Schiff to resign, suggesting that he could not trust someone so politically distorted. He refused, but despite the accusation, Pelosi decided to make him a master of the circus ceremonies of political judgment.


It was a serious mistake. As head of the political trial investigation, Schiff lied once again, saying he had no contact with the whistleblower who initiated the investigation when he actually did. Many Republicans believe that Schiff has coordinated with the anonymous prosecutor to organize the attack on the president. They also accuse him of presiding over an unfair trial, of holding hearings behind closed doors and of filtering out only those little things favorable to the Democrats.


After opposing a full vote in the Chamber authorizing the investigation, Pelosi eventually succumbed to the public protest that called for transparency and held a vote last week. The vote on a resolution of the trial revealed a certain fracture of his caucus, which includes 30 seats in the districts won by Trump. It was an embarrassing vote for those representatives; two voted against the political process campaign.

Meanwhile, the country is almost equally divided into layoffs and independents, according to a recent Washington Post poll, oppose the measure by a small margin.


As the investigation moves into a more public phase, voters are likely to tire of endless television interviews and breathless reports that do not discover new information. As the weeks go by, they will begin to realize that, as in Mueller’s investigation, there is inconclusive evidence that they acted wrongly. Then they will begin to wonder how much time and money taxpayers dedicate to a politically motivated political process investigation and that, with the exception of the new firearms, they will die in the Senate.


Then they will ask the Democrats: what have you done for us lately? Have you approved the Mexico-Canada-United States trade agreement? Have you worked in infrastructure?


Voters know what President Trump has done for them. They see it weekly on their salaries, they see it when the time comes to sell their house and the price has increased. They see it when they want to change jobs and find a lot to choose from, or when it’s time to take advantage of their IRAs.

In November 2020, voters will be asked again: are you better than four years ago? And then they will choose Donald Trump again.

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