Pizza Burger and Health

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Nowadays, most people like to eat fast food and prefer it to homemade food Pizza and Burger. The trend of the younger generation is towards pizza and burgers too. They eat with affection such as pizza, burgers, noodles, etc. They are performing a very dangerous poisonous job for their parents. Although that is not the case, they are happily buying their children poison in the knowledge of their own hands.

In the recent times, these nutrients are manufactured by hazardous health factors, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and high blood pressure among young children and young children.

The last time an eleven-year-old son of a dear relative of mine started complaining of severe headaches after coming home from school. I realized the slight pain in the head caused by exhaustion and hunger made the lemon water baby. After drinking the baby’s condition became worse and he became unconscious. The runaway child was taken to a nearby hospital’s Emer sex where he found that the baby’s blood pressure was too high to be too high. He has a stroke on half his body. If the baby is taken to the hospital on time, his condition does not deteriorate further. The situation worsened because of the kingdom’s doctors agrbcy taken to the hospital with a burst artery-minute delay of brain death could occur.

You can imagine how annoying it would be for a parent to have a fatal illness such as hypertension at such a young age, and the main reason for these illnesses being underage. Apparently neat and tasty, there are foods that can be found on the market and on the premises, which are very harmful to our health.
Ingredients are added to which our internal body system is severely affected by the abuse. On a daily basis we are eating foods that contain high amounts of sodium, so list your diet immediately. Abandon things that are the enemy of our health. We should generally use less of our outdoors in life as much as possible to choose homemade food because home food is fresh and all kinds of germs and diseases. Is free.

Nowadays, people tend to fast food to grow their business, so home is the best choice for other people, which causes them to increase their income and increase the diseases in our body.

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