Shifty Schiff Is Now Judging Trump For His ‘Ethic Compass’ – Or Lack Thereof

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told members of the California Democratic Party that “democracy in America” is being threatened “from within, from a president without an ethical compass,” a clear swipe at President Donald Trump.

It’s hilarious that Adam Schiff, of all people, is going to make such a ridiculous statement.

For one, America is a Republic, not a Democracy. That’s history 101. But then again, look at who we’re talking about.

Schiff thinks Trump lacks an “ethical compass.” That’s rich coming from a guy who spent two years telling the country President Trump colluded with Russia. We were told to wait until Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation and we would see exactly what Trump and his campaign did wrong. Guess what was revealed? Not. A. Damn. Thing. Mueller said no collusion took place. And what did Schiff do? He suddenly latched onto this “quid pro quo” that he believes took place with Ukraine.

The Democrats launched their impeachment inquiry before Trump released the transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. They claimed, once again, that Trump did something wrong. They told the American people that Trump threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless Zelensky investigated former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, for corruption. And, once again, they were proven wrong. The transcript showed nothing of the sort. Trump merely suggested Zelensky get to the bottom of the Bidens’ corruption. After all, Hunter was making $50,000 a month from a corrupt Ukrainian gas company despite having no natural energy experience.

Schiff is leading this impeachment inquiry, which is really nothing but a witch hunt based on the Democrats’ hatred for the president. And Trump has no “ethical compass.” Where’s Schiff’s “ethical compass?”

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