Trump Deploys troops to Saudi Arabia After Iran airstrike to oilfields

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The situation in the Middle East has been intensifying for weeks. Iran wants war. They need to do something to show that the West is not economically gutting them, though that’s exactly what’s happening. Iran was seizing oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and now they’ve hit an oil field in Saudi Arabia with drone strikes and cruise missiles. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called the attack an act of war (via WSJ):


Hundreds of workers scurried in the stifling summer heat around cranes by a 100-foot-tall processing unit, a vital part of this sprawling oil facility, now charred black and reeking of tar and burned metal following an attack last week.

“We are working 24/7,” Fahad al-Abdulkareem, a general manager at Aramco, the Saudi oil monopoly, said on Friday.

The gnarled equipment and piles of debris was the result of drone-and-missile strikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities on Saturday that briefly knocked out half Saudi Arabia’s oil production, sending crude prices soaring. The Khurais oil field, one of the kingdom’s largest, resumed 30% of production within 24 hours of the strikes and will be totally back online by September’s end, Mr. Abdulkareem said.

Saudi Arabia invited reporters to see the damaged oil facilities to show customers Aramco was back in business and to help Washington rally international support against Iran ahead of a meeting next week of world leaders at the United Nations.

Both the kingdom and the U.S. have accused Tehran of orchestrating the strikes on Khurais and on a Saudi crude processing facility that is the world’s largest, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo describing the strikes as an “act of war.



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