US President’s Interview: Why Trump’s Torture Is Extremely Reduced?

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It is such a difficult process for a US president to be removed from office after being elected, that has never happened in the country’s history.

Democratic party chief Nancy Pelosi was not in favor of a motion in the past because she feared that moderate Democrats, who faced stiff competition in the 2020 elections, would be hard-pressed and have a majority in the lower house of the party. Don’t be in danger.

So if this is very unlikely to oust the president and potentially make it difficult for the Democrats, what is the purpose of doing so now?

It is difficult for a US president to be removed from office because it requires the approval of both houses of Congress.

Georgetown University expert Johnathan Turley told the BBC that “only a simple majority in the House of Representatives (lower house) is required.” Democrats controlled by the House of Representatives can easily run for a president who is a Republican if they prove a crime. ”


The Senate then runs a lawsuit against the president in which he is removed from office, but a simple majority is not enough for him.

Professor Turley says that ‘it is very unlikely that the Republican-majority Senate will remove President Trump from office when you want a overwhelming majority.’

The Senate needs the support of two-thirds of the Senate – 67 senators in the 100 – to remove the president.

However, because 53 Senators are currently Republicans, it is unlikely that a large number of them will vote in favor of ousting President Trump.

Only two US presidents have been elected in history; Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998 but both were ousted from the Senate.

So now the benefit of trying for compensation?

Kimberly Nelder, an American political expert with California State University, told the BBC: “I think the purpose of some members of Congress is to protect the implementation of the law, to preserve the view that no one is above the law, including the president.” ‘

“If Congress does nothing, it will give the present and future presidents free concessions to violate the Constitution.”

Launching an official inquiry against the president, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said, “No one is above the law and Trump must be held accountable for his actions.”

The goal of the move is perhaps to uphold those beliefs, even if the attempt to seek compensation is unsuccessful.

The BBC’s North American correspondent Anthony Zucker says, “The negotiations have been taking place since President Trump came to power.” At every turn (of the Mueller Investigation), Congress was called for action. ‘

And now the sentiments have emerged after a telephone conversation between Trump’s Ukrainian president.

“However, the dispute over Ukraine going toward the Democrats’ motion was that President Trump, in his conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski, probably pressured him to investigate against his political opponent, Joe Biden’s son.” Was. ‘

There is no doubt that the prosecution process has a profound effect on one’s presidency, and the focus on preventing the prosecution takes place.

The last two years of President Clinton’s presidency have been the same.

For many, the most memorable factor in President Clinton’s presidency is his Monica Lonsky scandal.

BBC correspondent Nick Bryant believes the Bill Clinton scandal negatively impacted Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential race because the public did not want to spend another presidential election.

President Trump has also begun his election campaign to be re-elected. The next presidential election is due on November 3, 2020.

They held a launch event in Florida on June 18, attended by thousands. And obviously, his removal from office will hurt his campaign and reduce his chances of being re-elected.

Looking at President Trump’s tweets, it seems that he spends a lot of time thinking about the allegations.

But many experts also say it will distract the Democrats’ attention, and instead they will continue to think of Trump as an opportunity to fight other issues.

Although the Republican may not go far beyond the Republican majority in the Senate, this action will certainly make a difference in public opinion.

According to a poll, 55% of Americans support the motion if it proves that President Trump stopped military aid to Ukraine.

It may be that further disclosures hurt them and perhaps then their political position becomes very weak.

And this has happened in history. In the 70s, when the campaign against President Nixon began and only 19 percent of Americans believed he was removed. But during the process, the revelations were so high that the number had risen to 57%.

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