Walnut Reduces Cholesterol and Prevention From Heart Diseases

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If you do not eat healthy fish, Omega is useful for the heart and arteries. Make it your routine to eat a handful of walnuts daily, rather than being able to get the 3 named calories. Research by Dr. Sheila, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University, has shown that eating walnuts undoubtedly helps maintain blood cholesterol levels.

Regarding his research at a conference on arterial stiffness in San Francisco, Dr. Sheila said that Omega. An important fat contained in 3 is the alpha-linolenic acid, which reduces the discomfort of the complex. An important feature of this is that it lowers the levels of heart-related proteins (proteins) and bad cholesterol (LDL).

These two major components are inconvenience.
During this study, thirteen persons with high blood cholesterol were fed three different types of nutrients for six weeks and were given a two-week interval between meals for each diet.

One of these diets had a high average fat content, usually in a high cholesterol diet. The second type of diet contained the same amount of fat, but the saturated fat (unsaturated fat) was lower, while the animal fat was higher. Some people were given nasal fat instead of animal fat, while some were omega. 3 diet was given more. Individuals who consumed high-fat grease (solid grease) diets received half the amount of animal grease as well as half the grease from walnut oil and its grains.

They were given a quarter cup of walnuts, a spoonful of gree and walnut oil.
More Omega. The 3-D diet consisted of walnut kernel and walnut oil, as well as linseed kettle. At the end of the experiment, the experimenters agreed for twelve hours, after which blood changes in their arteries were evaluated by ultrasound.

The purpose was to assess their potential heartache. Their blood cholesterol levels were closely monitored.
According to Dr Sheila’s report, the blood of cholesterol was improved in those whose diet was added instead of animal fats, but those who were given more fat “alphenolinic acid”, their arteries Performance was much better.

This type of grease yielded comparable results to other diets. Not only did this diet improve the arteries, but their performance rate increased seven times. Dr. Sheila said that other research reports besides the above research have proved that the walnut ghee and its kernel is very useful for the heart and arteries.

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