What is Cholesterol ? Ways to reduce Cholesterol

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Cholesterol in the body is also a strange thing. Cholesterol is actually a type of coprotein, called lipoprotein. Good thing is called good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol is called HDL and bad is called LDL.

The good thing is to strengthen the body’s cells and prevent LDL attacks while the bad thing is to always try not to get any work done.
HDL cholesterol has long been considered an important component of the body’s cells and the immune system. But according to a recent study in Japan, ‘good cholesterol’ can cause heart diseases, but only if When HDL increases too much in the body.

In this regard, 43,000 people, ranging in age from 40 to 89 years, have been made part of a study for twelve years. Research has shown that heart disease in people with HDL cholesterol levels above 90mg / dl. The risk of death is 2.4 times higher than those with HDL levels between 40 and 59 mg / dl.
In a normal man’s body, the amount of cholesterol is about 100 grams or a little more.

Cholesterol builds up and accumulates in the body. An adequate amount of it is needed to produce the hormones needed in the body and to help digest the system. The specificity of cholesterol in various types of food such as meat, eggs, milk, butter and ghee. There is a quantity, like this diet increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood. When the amount of cholesterol in the blood is exceeded, then it can cause a heart attack by disrupting the normal or standard flow of blood by accumulating in the venous area within the blood vessels and forming layers of fat. Death can also happen.






Ways to reduce cholesterol
As we know that herpes is better than cure, then what kind of changes should we make in our lives? We can substantially reduce cholesterol by making a few changes in our lifestyle. With the help of which you can improve your cholesterol and improve your heart health.

Healthy Fats vs Bad Fats
Not all fats are bad, but our bodies need fats so they can regulate their system, especially the hormonal system. Good fats are called unsaturated fats. They are useful to the heart and improve cholesterol levels. For a healthy diet you should eat foods that have higher unsaturated fats than saturated fats, such as fruits, avocado, vegetables, mustard, olives, sunflower, corn oil and fish oils such as salmon and trout.
The principle is that we should take less than 7% of our daily calories from saturated fats, while the rest from unsaturated fats so that we can stay healthy and have lipid levels.

Many people run out of exercise, but the truth is that exercise is important to maintain their health, especially cholesterol levels.
Research has shown that people who exercise more often have more ‘Lidrol’ than good, compared to those who do not.

What kind of exercise should be done?
The best way to prevent cardiovascular diseases is to do aerobics (also called cardio) and resistance training. Experts recommend that moderate to severe aerobics should be done at least 3 to 4 times a week.
It improves cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. (Note: Exercise according to your doctor’s instructions)..

Medium intensity activities:
Playing tennis, gardening, cycling.

Extremely intense activities:
Walking up a mountain or holding a heavy sack, doing yours, walking slowly and then walking or running fast.

Lose weight
If you have followed the first two strategies (the right diet and exercise) then your cousin will be coming down in the same way. Only by losing weight can you lower your cholesterol levels.

Avoid smoking
Smoking reduces the level of ‘good cholesterol’. Smoking can also cause death.
A healthy person gets used to this disease in many diseases. In addition to damaging the respiratory system, it prevents the blood system, which causes inflammation and heart attack. When you smoke, quit immediately.
If your health is in a position where your cholesterol levels are not low despite lifestyle changes, you should consult a doctor so that you can be treated clinically. However, research has shown that In order to control cholesterol, we have to reduce the use of medicines by changing our lifestyle, so we should not give up and stop working.


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