Why is it important to get out of the House Hearing a Mask?

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According to a study published in the well-known medical journal The Lancet Planetary Health, environmental pollution is the main cause of 14% of cases diagnosed with diabetes in 2016. However, the research team to ensure the accuracy and logic of the results derived from this research.

Has taken the Obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI) as Constant Variables so that results are not affected for any other reason.

The team said the research, called PM2.5, is certainly responsible for increasing the rate of diabetes from gestational pollution. Scientists are unable to study the structure and texture due to the particle size being 2.5 micrometers. At present, it can be said that it contains toxic substances / chemicals.

The main reason for the hazardous health of the particles called PM2.5 is their small size, which is easily absorbed into the lungs through the mouth and then into the blood vessels throughout the body during the breathing process.

Along with blood circulation, it leads to inflammation by reaching other organs of the body, resulting in decreased insulin production in the pancreas. Due to continuous absorption of blood, insulin production stops. Causes
Generally, the main source of PM2.5 emissions is the fuel burned in industrial units, so we say that the highest amount of smoke emitted from vehicles is the most hazardous health that can be prevented. Not possible

The Environmental Protection Agency is committed to trying to balance pollution levels in some way, but scientists believe that these measures are not enough. More strategies need to be developed in this regard, as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and In developing countries such as New Guinea Papua, environmental pollution regulations are not strictly enforceable, which can cause people to suffer from dangerous health ailments that depend on current medicine.

Fuel sources are not common, it is important to control emissions of smoke and Protectively remove the face from the mask.

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